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Eggbox Studios is a 3D visualisation studio that provides illustration and animation services to a wide range of industries, including design and creative agencies, product designers, architects, TV production companies and much more.

As computer graphics technology advances and becomes more cost-effective our services are being utilised by a wider range of companies, from small, independent, property developers to Fortune 500 corporations. We work closely with other creative businesses to provide add-on services such as photo-realistic illustration for product designers, virtual environments for set designers, photo-composites for architects and property developers, topical illustration for magazine editorial, instructional videos for product manufacturers and the offshore industry, as well as outsource work for a variety of other studios.

We cannot always display our work publicly due to contractual reasons with our clients but there’s a very good chance that you’ve already seen some of it, perhaps on TV, in a magazine, on a billboard, in a viral marketing campaign, at a tourist attraction… Our clients are located all over the globe in an extremely varied range of industries.

To see some of the work that can be displayed, please browse the portfolio, perhaps become a ‘fan’ of the Facebook page, Twitter page, G+ page or LinkedIn page and, if you feel that we can help you in some way, why not get in touch?