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Change of address

Changes are afoot at Eggbox Studios. The address and telephone contact number has recently changed as we are working from a temporary office. Once things have settled, and the new location is ready, the office number will be re-activated and address updated (again). The current contact details […]

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The potential damage caused by freelance bidding websites

Starting a new career as a freelancer or wannabe graphics professional is an exciting but scary thing. If you’re lucky you’ll already have a list of clients that have followed you from previous employment, however, it’s rarely that easy. There’s a good chance that your first few […]

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Outsourcing overseas

I was planning to write a little post about outsourcing yesterday but struggled to find the time. It would seem that fate was helping me out as, when I checked Twitter in the evening, I saw a great retweet from Derren Brown about how a $250k pa […]

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Just testing stuff

I’m writing a short test post to see how the blog works on the website. I appreciate that this isn’t the most interesting post you’ll ever see on a website but it seems to be holding your attention so far. I bet you’re still reading it too, […]

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